Until you can laugh

My 93-year-old grandmother often talks about old times. Some of those times weren’t so great but in retrospect humor can indeed be found in them. Sometimes, when she and her sister would chat, they’d shed a few tears and then suddenly burst into laughter.

“Finchè potete ridere,” she’d say. Or, “Until you can laugh.”

And how true is that? Cry if you must, wallow if you need to, but as long as you can laugh at some point, you’ll be just fine.

Which brings me to this – a man witnesses an accident. Now, it could have been truly awful. Elderly women were involved – I picture my spunky Sicilian grandmother and her just-as-spunky sister – and they could have been seriously injured. However, things get turned around and what started out as a shocking account turns into one hysterically funny, tear-inducing play by play of the incident.

Perhaps you’ve heard this before. Even if you have, you must hear it again. I listen to it whenever I need a laugh and it has not failed me once. Click the link, press ‘PLAY”, then listen…finchè potete ridere… until you can laugh.

A guy witnesses an accident

2 Responses to Until you can laugh

  • Debbie, your grandmother and great aunt are two in a million. You have their optimism and sense of humor. Your husband and daughter are very lucky.

  • Linda,
    Sometimes it’s hard to take that advice – until you can laugh – but what a great release and lift of spirit when applied. 🙂

    Thank you! Though I do tend to whine to them about… stuff… quite often. Truth. :-/

    Don’t mess with pissed off old ladies, indeed! LOL. Glad it made you laugh. It works for me every time!


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