I can’t believe our vacation is finally here. Well… almost finally here. We leave Tuesday for nearly a week in Charleston, South Carolina.

I’ve been researching Charleston activities and have come up with an exciting list of must-dos. First on the list – because we’re all into anything historic – is the Civil War Walking Tour. That is a must. Actually, we’ll do that on our last day there because straight from Charleston, we’re driving up to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where we will do the Union’s version of a Civil War walking tour.

We’ve been to Gettysburg several times already but I’m going to say this upfront for any of you planning to go – Visit the Farnsworth House Inn.

There is a civil war cannon shell sticking out of the side of the building, a building riddled with civil war bullets. They offer a ghost tour in their basement – which we have yet to attend but hope to this time. It is said a ghost walks the halls of this Inn – and people spend the night there!! And, best of all, in my opinion, they make the most amazing – A. Mazing. – spoon bread and pumpkin fritters in all the world. Every time we go there, I say I’m going to ask for a recipe but I chicken out. This time… this time… well… we’ll see.

An hour closer to home from Gettysburg is Hershey Park, so, we’ll spend one day and night in Gettysburg and the final day in Hershey then head home.

Ah, but Charleston will be the highlight. My must-do list is packed with exciting things – the Festival of Houses and Gardens, which says it all, I think. A visit to the Heyward-Washington House – which is a house built in 1772.


Charlesston offers Ghost and Legend walks, Slavery and Freedom walks, of course the civil war walks and for one evening, a dinner cruise. Daughter is excited about the glass-bottom boat ride in the marsh. Yikes. Being on the water in a glass-bottom boat when crocs are following us with their eyes and hungry mouths… I dunno. “Fun” isn’t the word that leaps into my head.

Of course, we will also visit Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. I’ve heard some truly amazing things about this place. It sounds like a full day trip. Sprawling grounds with bridges and ponds, gardens… ah, imagine how some of us lived way back when. As opposed to how others of us survived.

Our week will be filled with excitement, I am sure. But two of the most exciting things I’m looking forward to are the ride down – there’s something about packing up the car with luggage and cooler and leaving in the wee hours of the morning that I find thrilling – and the hotel pool. Yay! Swimming. In a pool. I don’t care what state we’re in – a pool is a pool and we’re diving right in!

The only downer is leaving the cats behind. <sigh> I do miss them so when we’re on vacation. And I worry about them – do they miss us? Are they scared? Of course, I have great cat sitters, so in my head, I know they’ll be fine, but…

Well… seriously, if these were your furry loves, you’d hate leaving them, too, wouldn’t you?

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  • Debbie, what are your cats looking at–a map of the Magnolia Plantation, perhaps? It is work to arrange pet care for vacations. I’ve always wanted to visit Charlestown. People who have say it carries the charm of the south. Thank you for sharing. Makes me want to go! I know you and your family will have a wonderful summer vaction.

  • Kathleen,

    We live on a main street, and every day around the same time, when the sun sits just-so in the sky, light reflects off the windshield of every passing car. That white spot on the wall is one of those reflections and it just drives my kitties wild!


  • Debbie,
    This sounds wonderful. I love historical exploring. Enjoy yourself to the max.


  • The glass bottom boat in croc territory sounds exciting. Debbie, you’re a smart mom to throw in something daring!

  • Have a great trip, Debbie. Charleston should be fascinating. I’d love to visit some day. I’d like to Gettysburg, too, since one of my ancestors was wounded there.

    Drive carefully!


  • Linda,
    The historical part of this is the best – that and the idea of all that open space. Gardens and nature trails. Wow. Can’t wait.

    Daring is right! I know I’ll be terrified the entire time, but afterward I’ll be so happy we did it.

    One of your ancestors was wounded in Gettysburg?!?! Oh wow! How exciting to know your family history goes that far back WITHIN this country. I know very few people who are not just second, or at most third, generation Americans. How cool. Do you know this ancestor’s name? Would you ever write a fictional story based on him? Was he blue or gray?


  • I knew what the cats were looking at – well, I thought y’all were flashing a light there but I knew they were looking at the light. That’s a great picture by the way – should caption it or have others tell a story about it. 🙂

    Oh, and I definitely think you should ask for the recipe. The worst thing they can do is tell you they won’t give it to you. that’s the WORST they can do.

    Anyway, enjoy your vacation and have a wonderful time. 🙂

  • Beautiful pics, Debbie, and your kitties are too cute! 😉


  • Laura,

    We have a laser light the cats absolutely LOVE. It drives them wild as they all try to catch it. This reflection on the wall happens daily – they’ve almost come to anticipate and wait for it. 🙂
    I’ll let you know what happens with the recipe. Both of those are… omg… I can’t wait to have them again. Delish!

    The more photos I take of my cats, the more I think THEY know how cute they are! LOL.


  • What a great vacation you have planned! Makes me almost wish we lived on the east coast (can’t beat CA weather). All that history, I’m jealous of you going to Gettysburg and going on a ghost tour. Hope you have a good time and don’t worry about your babies, I’m sure they’ll be fine!

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