WHAT… “about me”?

“About me” The heading is everywhere. In all the blog templates, in all the web-site building templates. “About me.” Does anyone really care about me besides my mom? Because, you know, she’s invested quite a lot of time and energy into me. Or my cats? Because, lets be honest, who would feed them in the wee hours of the morning if not me? Ha. No one in this house. And what about DH? Does he want to read ‘about me’? Nah. He knows enough, too much, probably. However, there is Darling Daughter. And, truth be told, at 12, she’s still my biggest fan. ::sigh::

But really… what ‘about me’ is interesting enough to blast to the cyber world? I’m unpublished so I can’t chat about my writing career. I can, of course, talk about my decade-long career as an unpublished author. Hmmm…. nah. Not exactly inspiring. I suppose I can chat about my cats, the music I enjoy, my love of baking, my… wow. I can highlight some of the thoughts I’ll eventually expand upon in my blog.



But… if I put all that in an ‘about me’ section… what on earth will I put in my bio? I mean… who on earth would want to read ‘about me’ TWICE? :-O

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  • Who would want to read about you?


    Looking forward to getting to know all my blogging classmates 🙂

  • Thanks, Sandy! ::hugs::

  • Me too. But I understand your misgivings.

  • Well, in fairness, I think the “about me” in the blogspot arena is more prompted. I think it’s more like “favorite books?”, “favorite movies?” sort of thing. I’m not sure you write a bio there – but I could be wrong? Although, since I’m not sure I should probably shut up now. 🙂

  • I agree. It’s tough to write about yourself when there’s nothing public to write. I don’t have a published book-YET. But I like it when authors write just a little about themselves and their lives. I also agree with Laura-it’s a great place to put favorites. I think people would be interested in that too.

  • Cool. I can do favorites! And when people share favorites, we find how much we have in common… or not. If anything, it leads to conversation. I’ll have to go back to my website and update a few things. Thanks, ladies!

  • Debbie,

    I hear you. I’ve often said I’ll never write my memoirs because it’s only use would be as a sleep aid. 🙂

    Favorite books, movies, etc. is a good suggestion for the “About me” section.

    I like the look of the new blog.


  • A sleep aid, so funny, Lyndi. 🙂

    Thanks for the blog compliment… now I have to think about redesigning it for Assignment #5. Yikes. Branding?
    Way over my head… :-/


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