When the economy turns downward… rev it up

It’s hard to shift from having a specific job within a company to having to do additional jobs without additional pay. It’s just the way it is. We’re hardwired to expect more for doing more. But in these tough economic times, we all have to roll up our sleeves and dig in, help out, and not expect anything extra in return besides job security.

Some people don’t understand that and still hold to the ‘that’s not my job’ mentality. Those are the people who will lose their jobs. Those are the people others look at as saboteurs. Those are not team players. And in these times – as in others, though the focus isn’t so heavily there when times aren’t so tough – team players are the ones in demand.

Daughter and I have to become team players, now, too. Not that we haven’t been but the game is up there in innings and the score is tied. It’s up to us to help turn this game into a winner as team players with hubby and his crew.

Fortunately, Daughter’s homeschooling is winding down. There are more hours available to us now. We’ll be picking up the slack in hubby’s office – getting orders out quicker, making those follow up calls, and learning who indeed is a team player and who is not. This is not the time for ‘it’s not my job’, it’s the time for ‘what else can I do to help?”

So, wherever you are, whatever work you do, swallow that false pride and find a way to make the work flow smoother. It’ll benefit the company which in turn will benefit you. And who knows? You just might turn that false pride into pride earned and well deserved.

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