Whiskered kisses

There’s one thing I can count on at the shelter and that is the warm furry greetings I get at the door.

Walking in there and seeing all those bright eyes and whiskered faces makes me smile somewhere deep inside. Every day, a precious bunch of cats line up by the door, each vying for the highest perch. And they wait their turn to be greeted by name, with a loving scruff between the ears, a scratch on their back just before their tail, or for some, no touches, just brief eye-to-eye contact. In return, I’m serenaded with a perfectly tuned chorus of purrs. I’m butted by adoring little heads, forced to stand still as furry bodies wind themselves around my legs and my most favorite greeting of all, given wet little whiskered kisses on my cheek.

It’s the whiskered kisses of one I’m going to miss. The whiskered kiss I always saved for last because it was the most adoring, the most innocent and unassuming of all.

Frannie, I’m stunned and saddened. For a small boy, you certainly filled the space… and my heart. I won’t be the only one to miss you, and I’m not the only one confused by your passing. Never a day went by without a contented spring in your step – especially when you set off to spit out your pill somewhere “private”, or a laugh at the way you grumbled while scratching your ears – as if you hated having to scratch them yourself.

You’ll be missed by human and feline alike and you will always, always be loved.

Frannie     Frannie snoozing

6 Responses to Whiskered kisses

  • I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I love whiskery kisses, too.

  • I was so hoping you were going to say you missed Frannie because she’d been adopted. I hate hearing that it’s because she passed. Animals do have personalities and they have such a way of creeping into our hearts before we know it. Just know her body’s been healed and she’s in a better place.


  • Frannie must have been special with her whiskery kisses. I believe animals go to Heaven. They have to so that we will see them again.

  • Rhonda,
    Thank you. I would never want to see an animal suffer, but sometimes, you just feel they have more life in them and hate to let go, you know?


  • Laura,
    If Frannie had been adopted… wow… how wonderful that would have been. And you’re right, they have an amazing way of creeping into our hearts. So swift and complete.

  • Kathleen,
    Frannie was a special cat. No doubt about it. He was one of the ‘regulars’ and yet he stood out among the rest. Each one of them is special but some of them seem more… ‘human’… if that makes sense. Frannie was one of those.

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