YARD SALE – Fundraiser and more…

 Today is one of our fundraising events for the shelter. These precious kitties need as much as we can give them since we run solely on private donations and volunteer energy. The group has been working tirelessly for a month to get this together and I think it’s going to be great. All the Yard Sale info for today is on our website – A.C.T. 

In other busy news… Some of you might remember I was fostering an adorable kitten that was dumped at the shelter.


She was terrified at first and hid under my sofa for the first two days I had her. After that, she inched her way closer to us and to my other cats. She made our home hers. She traveled from bowl to bowl taking a taste of the other cats’ food, she tried out each and every cat bed, played with all the toys and otherwise took over the house.

Two of my own kitties, Lady and Dobby, wanted nothing to do with her.


Fidget was the one who snuggled with her and did the ‘mommy thing’ by grooming her head to toe.


He’s not a mommy but… hey. That’s the animal world for ya.

And then there’s Ansel. The papa of the group. He’s my biggest and eldest baby. He was as terrified of her as she was of us when she’d first arrived. 🙂 Naturally, when it was time for her to go to her permanent home, he’d finally warmed up to her. (Don’t let the eyes fool you, he IS happy she’s sleeping next to him. Really.)


Letting this little one go was brutally painful. As tiny as she is, she filled our home and our hearts. I know she’s with a great family now and she’ll adjust – probably sooner than I will. She needed to learn how to fit in and get along. And she did. I need to learn how to say goodbye without falling apart. And I didn’t.

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  • Very sweet video. 🙂

    Hope the yard sale went well!

  • She’s so sweet! I just love big daddy Ansel letting her snuggle with him. So cute. Hope you sold lots of stuff at the yard sale.

  • Laura,

    The video was dark but I had to post it anyway. Fidget was so attentive to that little kitten, and she didn’t seem to mind a’tall, did she? 🙂

    The yard sale was a GREAT success. A dozen people at a time were there shopping. Wonderful turnout. Whatever didn’t sell will be auctioned at another fundraiser in December and then we’ll do another yard sale in the spring. (Hopefully without rain since we did have rain yesterday).

    She is indeed a sweetie. That’s why it was so hard to give her up. I’ve asked for photos as she grows so I can see what a pretty thing she grows up to be.

    We sold nearly everything at the yard sale. Some bigger ticket items were left but they’ll be perfect for our next fundraiser – a holiday auction. 🙂


  • Debbie, what a wonderful yard sale. The cause is a meaningful one, and I know how your big heart would make this fund raiser a success. Sad that you had to give up Lady Di, but how many cats makes one’s home overrun! I know you could love them all.

  • Kathleen,
    It was wonderful – and the other volunteers (the ones who busted their tushies to make this work) are the real heros. You’re right about how many cats make one’s home overrun… in my little house, I’d say I’m at the limit. If not one over. But I do love them and could love more. They’re just all so innocent. And so… I love them at the shelter. And they soak it all up. 🙂


  • Ah I love seeing Fidget groom the kitten. Reminds me of when I brought our newest kitten home. Same thing happened. A male cat took over raising the kitten. Go figure. But it was sure nice for the baby.

    Glad the yard sale went well. They are such a lot of work.


  • Linda,
    Isn’t it funny how the male cats take over the mommy thing? I have only one female, Lady, and she wanted nothing at all to do with this kitten. You’re right, though, wherever it comes from, it definitely is nice for the baby.


  • Debbie,

    I can’t believe she slept with Ansel. LOVE THAT PIC!! But I’m glad you let her go!!


  • LISA!
    I’m honored you visited and commented on my blog! 🙂 And you know as well as I do… if I didn’t let that kitten go, I would have had you to answer to. lol.


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